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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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Manufactured in a FDA Licensed Manufacturing Facility
SinusWars1- Allergy Force (Comprehensive Allergy Treatment)

All ingredients used in the final production of SinusWars Remedies are not in the crude (natural and unprocessed) form.

The ingredients go through a process of Homeopathic Dilution and Titration. This process renders the ingredients safe and extremely effective.

Each ingredient has been individually proven to work and documented by various researchers and doctors throughout the world. SinusWars only uses proven, safe and effective ingredients put together with the greatest care backed by professionals and doctors worldwide. All ingredients found in the SinusWars1 (Hayfever and Allergies Remedy) are utilized according to the strict guidelines set by the FDA and HPUS.

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Numerous essential ingredients go into the Sinuswars1 Remedy. All these ingredients bought separately will cost over £52.00… With SinusWars, you can get all these ingredients,  carefully selected for their healing properties and put together with exact scientific precision for only £23.90

Arnica montana 6X
Arnica Montana is also known as Leopards-Bane which grows in the mountain ranges and has marked effects on:

  • A bad breath and increased dryness of the mouth
  • Bronchitis and whooping cough
  • Headaches
  • Frequent fevers
  • Dull eyes with burning pain/inflamed and red eyes and burning tears
  • Pain in the ears
  • Excessive thirst
  • Sweating which occurs mainly during the night


Lappa major 8X
Lappa Officinalis is derived from Burdock which is used to treat:

  • Eczema
  • Uncontrollable tickling of the glottides

Graphites 10X
Graphites commonly forms the lead we find in pencils however it is rendered safe and Homeopathically effective through the process of Homeopathic Preparation and Dilution and is an ideal treatment for:

  • Headaches
  • Diminished Smell and Hearing
  • Inflamed, red eyelids
  • Stinging pain in the ears
  • A Dry, sore nose
  • Large amounts of watery fluid (rhinitis)
  • Swelling of the tonsils and a sore throat (feels like something is in the throat constantly)
  • Stiff neck muscles
  • Fatigue and lethargy


Sabadilla Officinarum 6X
Sabadilla is an ideal reliever of:

  • Fluid coryza
  • Hayfever symptoms
  • Headaches
  • Influenza symptoms
  • A sore, dry and hoarse throat with the constant need to swallow
  • Burning eyes with reddening and swollen/inflamed eyelids
  • Earache with an accompanying tickling of the ears
  • Tiredness throughout the day

Thuja occidentalis 6X
Thuja is derived from the water cedar plant native to North America. Its other name is Arbor Vitae. It is ideal in alleviating:

  • Frontal sinus catarrh and fluid nasal coryza
  • Headaches especially in the morning
  • Post nasal drip and hawking up of mucus with dry, sore throat
  • Whooping cough
  • Pressure of the eyes
  • Asthma symptoms
  • Redness of the face

Pix liquida 10X
Pix is derived from tar which has been rendered safe through the Homeopathic Process of Dilution and Trituration. It helps alleviate:

  • Pain in the head/headaches
  • Foul and offensive nasal discharge
  • Chronic and persistent coughing
  • Fevers especially experienced at night

Allium Cepa 6X
Allium Cepa is derived from the common red onion and targets:

  • Fluid nasal coryza and catarrh
  • Coughing and whooping cough
  • Hayfever symptoms
  • Influenza symptoms
  • Laryngitis
  • A dull headache with pain in the occipital areas
  • Excess tearing/lachrymation of the eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Burning nasal discharge with nasal bleeding
  • A constant feeling of a lump in the throat with constricted breathing

Tellurium metallicum 10X
Tellurium helps treat:

  • Inflamed, red and itchy eyes
  • Fluid nasal coryza with congested, blocked nasal passages
  • Hawking up of phlegm from the back of the throat


Sulphuricum acidum 30X
This ingredient helps relieve:

  • Bad breath and halitosis
  • Hiccoughing with restlessness and irritability
  • Headaches and painful throbbing experienced in the forehead and temples
  • Burning eyes with severe inflammation
  • Dry nasal coryza with an accompanying loss of smell and taste
  • Watery mucus flow from the nose (Rhinitis)
  • Congested and blocked nasal passages

Ignatia amara 6X
Ignatia or Strychnos Multiflora alleviates:

  • Spasmodic coughing and croup
  • Frequent fevers
  • Pressure and inflammation with reddening of the eyes and burning tears
  • Difficulty hearing and itchy the ears
  • Itching of the nose with sores developing in the nose and inflammation
  • Excessive dryness of the nostrils with blocked and contested nasal passages
  • Inflammation of the mouth mucosa
  • A weak voice and sore throat
  • A constricted throat
  • General itchiness over whole body
  • Restless sleep

Sulphur 12X
Sulphur is an abundant material which has shown to have healing effects on:

  • Coughing
  • High fevers
  • Inflammation and sensitivity of the eyes
  • Earache with irregular discharge from the ears
  • Inflammation and swelling of the nose and septum

Nux Vomica 6X
Nux Vomica is derived from a deciduous tree also known as Quaker Buttons in India and Southeast Asia. It has healing effects on:

  • Coughing
  • Regular fevers
  • Headaches and symptoms where head feels full and confused with tinnitus and vertigo symptoms
  • Pain and sensitive eyes
  • Earache with itching of the ears
  • Itching, pain and congestion of the nose
  • Profuse sneezing
  • Dry nasal passages and burning nasal discharge
  • Raw, burning throat with tickling and itching of the larynx

Selenium metallicum 12X
Selenium is an element used through he careful process of Homeopathic Dilutions and Trituration to help alleviate:

  • Pain in the head and headaches
  • Laryngitis and a hoarseness of the throat
  • Congested ears with diminished hearing and hardening or ear cerumen wax
  • Itching of the nostrils with fluid nasal coryza
  • Congestion and nasal obstruction
  • Thick, tenacious, jelly-like yellow mucus
  • Dryness of the throat with hawking up on nasal mucus at the back of the throat
  • Hiccoughing


Arsenicum album 8X
This ingredient is ideal in helping treat:

  • Eczema
  • Skin rashes such as a nettle-rash
  • A sore throat, croup and coughing
  • Burning and swelling/inflammation of the eyes
  • Diminished and affected sight
  • Inflammation of the nasal linings with excessive dryness
  • Congestion and burning nostrils with acrid nasal mucus
  • Violent sneezing
  • A build-up of green/grey mucus in the throat
  • Inflammation of the throat
  • Nasal catarrh
  • Difficult respiration
  • Drowsiness, tiredness and lethargy

Ledum palustre 8X, 10X
Ledum palustre is derived from wild rosemary and assists in treatment of:

  • Black rings developing around the eyes
  • Inflammation and swelling of the ears
  • Eczema
  • Pressure type headaches and inflammation/swelling of the eyes (burning nasal tears)
  • Congested and full ears
  • A sore throat
  • Difficulty swallowing and constricted breathing
  • Great fatigue

Formicum acidum 8X and Histaminum 8X, 12X, 30X, 200X are also found in the SinusWars1, Hayfever and Allergies Remedy.

Inactive ingredients: Lactose, magnesium stearate

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