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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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Manufactured in a FDA Licensed Manufacturing Facility
SinusWars14 - Sinu-Nurse (General Sinusitis Remedy)

All ingredients used in the final production of SinusWars Remedies are not in the crude (natural and unprocessed) form.

The ingredients go through a process of Homeopathic Dilution and Titration. This process renders the ingredients safe and extremely effective.

Each ingredient has been individually proven to work and documented by various researchers and doctors throughout the world. SinusWars only uses proven, safe and effective ingredients put together with the greatest care backed by professionals and doctors worldwide. All ingredients found in the SinusWars14 (Sinu-Nurse Remedy)are utilized according to the strict guidelines set by the FDA and HPUS.

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Numerous essential ingredients go into the Sinuswars14 Remedy. All these ingredients bought separately will cost over £43.70… With SinusWars, you can get all these ingredients, carefully selected for their healing properties and put together with exact scientific precision for only £23.90

Ars Alb 15C
Ars Alb is used in Homeopathy in an extremely dilute form rendering it safe and highly effective in treating:

  • Coughing and croup symptoms
  • Intermittent fever
  • A Sore throat
  • Headaches and buzzing in the head
  • Swelling and inflammation of the nose
  • Sneezing and fluid coryza with burning of the nostrils by corrosive secretions of nasal mucus
  • Halitosis (Bad Breath)
  • Inflammation of the throat with a bitter taste at the back of the tongue
  • Belching and hoarseness
  • A constricted chest making breathing more difficult
  • Excessive fatigue

Ferrum phosphoricum 9X

Ferrum Phosphoricum Album is derived from white phosphate or Iron and is useful in the treatment of inflammation whilst treating:

  • Bronchitis
  • Colic, coughing and croup-like symptoms
  • Gastritis
  • Violent headaches
  • Swelling and inflammation of the parotids
  • Sores developing on the inside of the nose with inflammation of the palate and pharynx (laryngitis may be present)
  • Toothache
  • Loose or whooping cough which emits green mucus in lumps
  • Tiredness and restlessness during the night

Chelidonium Majus 9X
Chelidonium Majus is derived from a perennial plant also known as the Greater Celandine and assists in treating:

  • Constipation or Diarrhea
  • Influenza with accompanying headaches
  • Pain in the temples and forehead
  • Dry coryza
  • Blood streaked mucus in the mornings
  • A bitter taste in the mouth with bad breath (halitosis)
  • Hiccupping and belching with nausea
  • Hoarseness of the throat with coughing

Chininum arsenicosum 9X

This ingredient is derived from Quinine and helps in the treatment of:

  • High  and frequent fevers
  • A sore throat
  • Headaches in the frontal and occipital areas
  • Post nasal Drip with large amounts of nasal bleeding
  • A sore throat with coughing and sneezing
  • Restless nights
  • Belching with nausea
  • Abdominal pain (feelings as if the stomach is full)

Mercurius Vivus 9X

Merc Viv is derived from quicksilver which undergoes the Homeopathic process of Dilution and trituration rendering the final ingredient safe in alleviating:

  • Bad Breath (Halitosis)
  • Bronchitis and nasal catarrh
  • Pain felt in the maxillary sinus cavities with a swelling of the nasal bones
  • Aching of the zygomatic process
  • Frequent fever
  • Unhealthy gums
  • A sore, dry throat
  • Pressure in the nose with inflammation and Yellow/green nasal discharge
  • Excessive sneezing
  • Congestion
  • A yellow coating on tongue
  • A thick, tenacious feeling of a lump in the throat
  • Loss of voice and hoarseness
  • Fatigue and difficulty breathing

Mercurius solubilis 9X

This ingredient is also known as Mercurius Oxydulatus Niger and helps:

  • Bad Breath and halitosis
  • Fluid catarrh
  • Pain felt in the maxillary sinus cavities with a swelling of the nasal bones
  • Aching of the zygomatic process (cheek area)
  • Unhealthy gums and a sore throat
  • Yellow/green nasal discharge
  • Pressure in the eyes making eyes more sensitive
  • Inflammation of the auditory tube and parotid gland
  • Pressure in the nose with inflammation and swelling
  • Uncontrolled sneezing with a foul smell from the nose
  • Congestion
  • A yellow coating on tongue
  • A Painful dry throat with mucus
  • Thick, tenacious feeling of a lump in the throat


Mercdurius sulphuratus ruber (cinnabaris) 9X
This ingredient has ideal healing properties on:

  • An overall congested feeling
  • Tinnitus and roaring noises heard in the ears with itching of the ears
  • Profuse nasal coryza and catarrh
  • Burning nasal secretions with discharge of lumpy, yellowish nasal mucus
  • Dryness and over irritation of the throat
  • Itching of the nose and eyes with accompanying inflammation

Sulphur 30C

Sulphur is an abundant material which has shown to have healing effects on:

  • Coughing and headaches (pressure in the head may be felt)
  • Works very well on a fever
  • Inflammation and sensitivity of the eyes
  • Inflammation of the nose and septum


Inactive ingredients: Lactose, magnesium stearate

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