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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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Manufactured in a FDA Licensed Manufacturing Facility
OriDizzy Free Remedy
Alleviates Dizziness and Nausea the Natural Way

200 Tablets
im constantly feeling dizzy. I can validly say it started 3 yers ago when I was in a car accident and was in the hospital for just under a week. I didsome research on this condition and found your remedy so decided to order it through one of the call center agents. Ive completed one OriDizzy free Remedy and am feeling so much better. Most days the dizziness is completely gone which is a breathe of fresh air from what it used to be. (Larry O, Italy)
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Our ears and ear organs control body movement and prevent us from falling over every time we take a step. This is achieved via numerous organs located in the vestibular system of the inner ear which are responsible for instructing muscles to contract or relax thereby keeping us erect and yes, safe.

Critical balance and movement can be affected if any of the essential organs in the vestibular apparatus are damaged or affected.

OriDizzy Free helps restore normal balance and equilibrium by maintaining optimal health of ear organs and helping stabilize the inner ear fluid.

OriDizzy Free
helps treat:

  • Vertigo (dizziness)
  • Disorientated movement
  • Reduces the spinning effect
  • Balances fluid levels within the inner ear
  • Alleviates nausea associated with vertigo

Stop the dizziness, nausea and imbalance TODAY with the OriDizzy Free Remedy !!


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How does OriDizzy Free work?

The inner ear consists of two very vital vestibular apparatus, the cochlea which is responsible for our ability to hear and the 3 semi-circular canals which help with balance and equilibrium. Any damage, disorder or condition affecting the delicate semi-circular canals or the nerves responsible for transmitting our body’s position to our brain can result in vertigo (dizziness), disorientation, nausea and vomiting. What makes this condition worse is that any movement can intensify vertigo symptoms making these unbearable.

The OriDizzy Free Remedy target the semi-circular canals thereby improving overall balance and euqlibrium. Its essential ingredients go to work on the jelly like fluids and hair cells found in this vestibular organ thereby improving their overall health and functioning.

Cocculus Indicus is just one of the ingredients found in this remarkable product which helps alleviate painful and debilitating headaches caused by the constant spinning whilst treating any diminished hearing.

Conium Maculatum helps alleviate any spinning or dizzy symptoms together with otalgia (ear ache) and tinnitus which can be a result of damage or impairment of the cochlea located in the inner ear.

These and other ingredients such as Ambra Grisea were all selected for their innate properties on the inner ear organs bringing about relief from the constant spinning and accompanying nausea.

Put stability back into your life with the Safe, FDA Registered and Homeopathic OriDizzy Free Remedy.



My vertigo has become so bad that I frequently have blurry vision and am almost unable to see. On top of this, the headaches are excrutiating and it comes and goes at will. The oridizzy remedy has helped to ease my headaches which are not so bad anymore and have helped with the blurry vision. I can now see clearly most days and don’t need to worry about the dizziness. Thank you,
Valerie D (Co. Cork, Ireland)

My nausea is gone since starting your remedy and the dizziness is almost gone. Will be keeping you posted.
(Lisa K, Brisbane Australia)

Getting out of bed every morning used to be a mission as the minute I moved, the dizziness cam back with a vengences. Since starting your remedy ive had a couple of brilliant mornings in which I got up without any dizziness. Work is not so tiresome any longer and the usuall afternoon headaches that I often suffered with are currently bearable which is a huge improvement from before.
(Sally-Ann M, Europe)

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Homeopathy as a Solution & SinusWars Specific Triple Titration Procedure

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well” Plato

Homeopathy draws upon Plato’s principle and works on the body as a whole, holistically taking into account each and every body system. This, in essence, is what enables Long-Term Healing to be achieved as the bodies systems are integrally linked and as a result, any illness affecting one part will in-turn have a knock-on effect on other body systems.

This well-known principle is utilized in the production and manufacturing of SinusWars Homeopathic Remedies which are designed to provide a sound Homeostatic Balance not only within the body systems but also on the outer presenting symptoms.

SinusWars makes use of a specific, Triple Titration Procedure ensuring 3 times the Benefit and optimal healing properties go into each and every bottle. SinusWars Remedies are obtained from raw materials found in our immediate environment which undergo a process of dilution and trituration (this process occurs millions of times over). The end result is a liquid which contains only the healing properties/energies and not the physical items of the raw material. It is these energies which go into the production of the SinusWars Remedies and is what sets homeopathic preparations apart from other tablets such as herbal remedies.

Homeopathy aims to provide the affected body system with the necessary tools it requires to bring itself back into balance whilst helping support any other affected structures. It does this on an all-encompassing and complete level taking into account that each and every individual displays different symptoms.

Increased safety and absence of side effects makes Homeopathy a wonderful alternative for the whole family (this includes young children and toddlers). What’s best is Homeopathy allows for long-term healing to take place.

How do I use OriDizzy Free and how long does it last?

Place 2 tablets under the tongue 3 times daily, half an hour before or after eating.

OriDizzy Free comes in a white plastic bottle containing approximately 200 tablets.

The course duration is dependent on any increased or maintenance dosages. Longer course durations are achievable during maintenance dosage.



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