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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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Sinusitis Types

Two different types of Sinusitis namely:

  • Acute sinusitis
  • Chronic sinusitis

Acute sinusitis - means that your sinus symptoms are temporary i.e. will last no longer than 30 days. Acute sinusitis may however cause severe pain, much the same as chronic sinusitis.

Chronic Sinusitis - symptoms of sinusitis occur frequently or for long periods of time. These symptoms are usually less painful but can be very annoying. Chronic sinusitis also usually reoccurs three to more times in one year.

Causes of Sinusitis

Causes of Acute Sinusitis:

Acute sinusitis is typically the result of a cold that lingers, later developing into an infection. It is important to treat acute sinusitis early to prevent the infection from spreading.

  • Bacteria- when the sinuses are blocked and mucus is trapped, this causes a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. This bacteria, then creates an acid environment in the sinuses which paralyzes the cilia, causing the mucus membranes to swell even more.
  • Virus- viral infections destroy the cilia; this then makes it difficult for the mucus to drain freely from your nasal passages.
  • Fungus-fungus is commonly found on plants and mold. When ingested with food or inhaled, it affects the immune system and aggravates the sinuses. This then leads to sinus infections.
  • Scuba diving- scuba diving while you have a flu/cold is a huge NO-NO, as it creates a lot of pressure in the sinus cavities, leaving room for bacteria to grow.
  • Nose blowing- bacterial infections can be caused by an increased in pressure experienced when blowing your nose too frequently.
  • Certain medications- side effects of certain medications may affect the functioning of the mucus lining.
  • Foreign objects- young children often insert small objects in their nostrils; this can cause bacteria to not only enter but also flourish in the sinuses.

Causes of Chronic Sinusitis:

  • A weak immune system - when one's immune system is low, the mucus membrane and cilia do not work correctly; this causes infections.
  • Asthma - people that suffer from asthma are more prone to sinusitis attacks.
  • Stress - Studies show that being under continuous stress can cause infections which in turn lead to an inflammation of the nasal and sinus membranes.
  • Nasal polyps - in very rare cases, nasal polyps cause sinusitis.
  • Allergies - dust, ragweed, animal dander, smoke, etc can lead to sinusitis.
  • Temperature and humidity - when the weather changes frequently it irritates your sinuses. This in turn can cause sinusitis to flare up.
  • Hormones - a hormonal imbalance can cause sinusitis.
  • Poor air quality - anything that can reduce air quality can cause an irritation in your sinuses and in the mucus membranes (fumes, over crowed living conditions, dust, smoke, etc).
  • Defective mucous membrane - some people have poorly functioning mucus membranes which allow for the easy development of sinusitis. Also permanently damaged mucus membranes as a result of surgeries or past infections may predispose one to developing sinusitis.
  • Narrow sinuses/deviated septum - when there is a swelling in your nasal passages, it is difficult for not only air to pass through but also for mucus to drain thereby promoting the stagnation of nasal mucus.

  Natural Products that deal with Nasal Polyps
SinusWars7 - Super Unblocker (Blocked Nasal Passages & Inflammation)

SinusWars7 - Super Unblocker - Blocked Nasal Passages and Inflammation Remedy

  • Deal with - Blocked Nasal Passages - Inflammation - Congestion - Heavy pressure - Sinus infection - Dried nasal passages

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SinusWars8 - Persistent Sinu-Care (Chronic Sinusitis Remedy)

SinusWars8 - Persistent Sinu-Care -Chronic Sinusitis Remedy

  • Deals with - Chronic Sinusitis - Recurrent Sinus Infections - Fever - Viral/Bacterial Infections - Sinus Headaches - Congestion

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SinusWars9 - Headache Warrior (General Sinus and Headache Remedy)

SinusWars9 - General Sinus and Headache

  • Deals with - Headaches - Pressure - Poor mucus drainage - Sneezing - Sore throat - Pain above the eyes

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SinusWars14 - Sinu-Nurse (General Sinusitis Remedy)

SinusWars14 - Sinu-Nurse -(General Sinusitis Remedy)

  • Treats - Congestion - Sinus Infections - Post Nasal Drip - Halitosis - Pressure - headaches - Rhinitis

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OriNasal Clear Remedy - Nasal Decongestant

SinusWars70 - OriNasal Clear

  • Treats - Headaches - congestion - pressure - facial pain - toothache - itchiness in the nose - post nasal drip - loss of taste and smell - sneezing - watery nasal discharge

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