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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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Testimonials 2

These are real testimonials, however please note that individual healing and recovery depends on overall health and how long you have suffered with your condition.

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I was finding it very difficult to sleep because my head felt extremely heavy at night and congested during the day. I saw your product on the internet and bought the sw#7 remedy. I have used the bottle finished and must say that they have worked. I sleep so much easier and don’t feel constantly heavy headed and strained.

Nathan G, Monoco


Thank you for your prompt reply again... great customer service!  I am going to share my experience with SinusWars, with my management and staff, to highlight an excellent example of a company (SinusWars) that offers superior products and great customer service.

Again, please feel free to post any of my comments as testimonials, including my statement above.

Thank you and kind regards,

S Newbigging 
Cairo, Egypt


Your nasal polyps tablets no.13 has completely gotten rid of the polyps. My case was chronic but after a battle and two bottles later I am finally cured!

Thank you Robert H, Malaysia


My 6yrs old girl had been diagnosed with Adenoid Hypertrophy and we were told to give her the orithroat&tonsil remedy. She has been taking it for the past 3 weeks and already we see a difference. Her throat isn’t sore anymore and she is her old self again. Thanks a million.

Alexis, Mexico


Rhinitis and pain on the left sinus caused from years of use of nasal steroids which has im sure caused damage. I was tested twice no allergies. I used your sinuswars5 and sinuswars14 products which your team recommended to me. no5 has definitely helped repair any damage while the no14 treated all my other symptoms.

JD, Jordan


I have had allergies since I was a child and the condition has gotten somewhat more severe these past few years. What troubled me the most was the mucus at the back of my throat, plugged ears and heavy sinus pressure. Your sinus team recommended I take sinuswars7, sinuswars1 and sinuswars4. I purchased the products and have not looked back since. I don't use any other medicines except sinuswars which has also helped me save dollars on mounting over the counter medications.

Connor LB, Perth -Australia


Spoke to your call center staff who are very professional and informative. I am already impressed even before receiving the products.

E Delaney - Cyprus


I had severe nasal polyps, facial swelling, pain and bleeding every morning. I purchased the sinuswars5 and sinuswars6 remedies. Today I just want to thank you for these incredible products, my polyps are gone! Just came from the ENT who confirmed that they have disappeared.

Daniel A, UK


I hated seeing my father in and out of hospital because of his sinus issues. He has allergies, asthma and nasal polyps. I read about your products online and purchased the allergy force and the sw#13 for him. He has taken the product and is doing so much better now. He can breathe through his nose and seems much lighter now. I have just purchased the clearlung medicine and know that he will do well on that product as well.

A big thanks from Melissa K, Adelaide - AU


Bad breath can is surely one of the worse conditions anyone can have. I was always so self conscious about myself and always assumed my breath smelled bad even if it wasn’t. I ordered your sinuswars11 after stumbling upon your website during a search for bad breath tips. My breath is fresh and I feel confident enough to speak to anyone now.

J Mul, Jamaica


Your sinuswars5 product has worked wonders in treating my frequent nose bleeds and headaches.

Thank you. Abigail L - Pakistan


I love your website, it has all the information I need. Every question in my emails has all been answered, I am truly grateful for your professional manner and efficiency.

O Murphy - Finland


The sinus#9 and #14 have completely gotten rid of my facial pain, facial pressure, nasal blockage, discharge, fever, headaches, halitosis, coughing, malaise and sore throat. I didn’t expect homeopathy to be this great.

Taylor Warren, UK


The buzzing and high pitched noises that have been with me for the past 6 years have finally been lessened to such an extent I do not notice it anymore unless I am really stressed. Your sinuswars16 tinnituswarrior has really changed my life.

Katelyn L, Ireland


Thank you for an amazing product! Your sinuswar2 and 8 have been so effective in treating my nasal drip, congestion, green mucus and headaches. More than 3mnths I had been plagued with this and the only things a doctor would give me more antibiotics like ammoxcillian. Thanks again for great working remedies, now all my symptoms are gone

G Williams, Portugal


I have been using sinus wars 2 and 16 which I have been taking for 6 days.  I am very impressed with these so far. Relief started by the second day and by today i can now blow my nose and my sinuses seem to be loosening- a lot seems to be coming out. Thank you so much.

Matthew (UK)

I had chronic sinus and was suffering from many sinus symptoms. I ordered SinusWars no14 and no8. This is the longest I have been well. I don’t feel so tired anymore and all my symptoms are gone. My husband and children are now also using your products and we are all doing very well on them. From the Morris Family - Greece
Shipping is super quick! Thank you for bringing SinusWars closer to our home. Mohammed Khan - England
I have had chronic allergies since as far back as I can rememmber which sometimes resulted in a lot of absence from school and now from work. Allergy shots and anti-histamines aren’t always effective because I find they only work for a while. Searching for an alternative on the internet brought me to your website. There are so many testimonials and reviews on your US and UK websites and around the net, I decided to give it a try. One month went and I actually forgot the allergy shots and antihistamines. I have had no absence from work so far and am in control now. I take the sinuswars allergy force everywhere especially holiday Ryan J, AB-Edmonton
No more pain, no more constantly opening and closing my jaw to unblock my ears, no more swishing sounds and I honestly feel as if my hearing hasa improved. (Justin L, Wales (29))
My chest feels almost lighter since taking your remedy. I also feel like I have so much more energy since taking the Clear Lung Formula. My breathing isn’t as shallow and labored anymore.
(Susan, P, Venezuela)
I have been suffering with dizziness and unsteadiness for a year now. I have tried numerous medicines with little improvement. My son had been successfully using your remedies for his sinus problem  and ordered your oridizzy free remedy for me to use. From the first tablet I have been able to feel a difference. I am able to go anywhere, even sit in a car again. Thank you (Ash Taylor, Sweden)

I am not dizzy and lightheaded anymore. Thank you sinuswars for the oridizzy free product!
Alexis V, UK-Newcastle Upon Tyne


Daily I had been suffering with the main stuff like headaches, stuffy nose, coughing and fever. I was ordered the #3 flu away. The name really does say it all, within a few days the flu had literally disappeared.
Hannah P, Bristol - United Kingdom

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